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About Us


Our mission is dedicated to providing quality childcare as well as assisting the parents and guardians of the Clarksville/Fort Campbell area in molding their children to become successful and productive individuals; with an emphasis on the academic excellence needed for elementary school while also imparting morals to become people who are committed to living with values and principles that detour them from adapting to negative standards as seen and practiced in our changing society.


To allow exploration of senses while focusing on unique ways to approach literacy and thinking skills by the use of activity centers, encouraged parental support, and suggestions.

Program Goals

It is the goal of this facility to operate in excellence by providing high quality care for all children enrolled, conducting ourselves ethically, and ensuring to each patron that our performance exceeds their expectations. We want to obtain their trust and respect, and continue to grow as we educate children.

Upcoming Events:
Part-Day Pre-K Classes
Parents, are you seeking daily enrichment for your 3-5 year old? Contact us for details.

"Where Excellence Begins"

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